Community Partnerships

We love the community in which we learn and intentionally build connections between WCA and the wider community.  The University Model schedule also affords families more time to connect with local learning organizations such as the Carnegie Museums, Phipps Conservatory, Fort Pitt Museum, Sweetwater Center for the Arts, the YMCA, and many, many more!  Watermark has developed partnerships with several local programs:

Sewickley Public Library

WCA students have regular opportunities to visit the library for research projects or to find content related books to enhance classroom learning.  The library also holds one STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) class each month.  The STEM program integrates these four disciplines and encourages students to solve real world problems.  These sessions will be planned collaboratively with WCA’s teachers and take place both at the library and in our classrooms.

After School Classes

We offer a wide variety of after school classes throughout the year.  The courses range from cooking to art to creative writing and even boot camp!  We are fortunate to partner with qualified, Christ-loving teachers who offer these optional courses to students in 6 to 8 week sessions.  (*Students eat lunch following dismissal and after school classes usually end at 2:30PM.)

Service Learning

We have a community day each Spring where our students go out into the local community and serve local businesses.  It’s a wonderful tradition that engages students in the act of joyfully serving and loving our neighbors.

Friday Field Trips

Several times throughout the year we will purchase tickets or make reservations for an optional field trip as a group.  These opportunities are much like a field trip and we have done everything from museum tours to Broadway shows.  We are thankful for engaged parents who help support and plan these special days for students.