COVID-19 Updates

We will post updates here to inform our families about our school for the Fall 2020 concerning our procedures and policies in response to COVID-19. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will desks be spaced out?

Desks will face the same direction and will not be touching one another. The amount of space between desks will be determined by the size of the classroom and number of students, but we will have them spaced appropriately for each classroom. 

What are the particular requirements for face coverings?

Every student and teacher needs a face covering. We recommend face shields so we can see students' faces, but parents may choose the face covering they deem most appropriate for their child.


Is WCA providing a face shield for students?

We will have a supply of extra face shields if a child forgets their face covering at home or if one breaks during the day.  However, we ask parents to provide the face shield or covering of their choice each day for students.


Will students be expected to social distance in the classroom?

While desks will be spaced out and students will distance during snack time, we desire for students to wonder, learn, and grow together so students will have peer interaction in small group reading, math, and other important academic times throughout the day.

Will WCA still require face shields if the Pennsylvania state order is lifted?

The WCA COVID-19 Task Force will continually stay up to date with recommendations of local health officials, Allegheny county, PA Department of Education, and the CDC. If the governor lifts the mandate for masks, it is likely WCA would do the same if we felt it to be safe and in the best interest of our community. 


Will online instruction be an option for the entire year?

We will not be able to offer a full time remote option. Our platform for remote learning and daily online lessons will only be available if we are unable to hold in-person instruction.   


Are you considering a delayed start to the year?

Not at this time.

Can we withdrawal for the first semester and consider enrollment for the second semester?

Tuition payments would be needed for the entire year to maintain enrollment, we cannot offer half year enrollment at this time..