Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Academy located?

All classes are held at St. Andrew's Church, 801 Beaver Street, Sewickley, PA. 

What grades does Watermark Classical Academy offer?

WCA currently offers classes for Kindergarteners through 5th grade.  As classes grow, the academy hopes to offer classes through 8th grade.


Must a family agree to the statement of faith for a child to attend?

A classical Christian education is most effective when both parents agree to, support, and live out the Academy’s mission, vision, and values. As a school that seeks to train its students in the Christian faith, WCA is committed to ministering to Christian families so as to affirm and teach the biblical worldview. This faith and worldview should first be instilled at home and in church. We are glad to have conversations with families who have questions about the statement of faith.


Who chooses the curriculum?

All course curricula are ultimately decided by the administration and teachers of WCA.  Much of the curriculum will come from Veritas Press, a reputable provider of classical Christian curriculum.

Will my child wear a uniform?

Yes, all WCA students are required to wear a uniform. We have a partnership with Lands’ End to make uniform purchase convenient, but they may also be purchased at the store of your choice according to the guidelines provided in the application. 


What will this cost us?

WCA offers an excellent education for less than half the cost of most private schools. There is a $400 non-refundable application fee and an annual tuition rate of $3,400.  We have a scholarship application available as our hope is to make classical Christian education available for all who are interested.   


What kind of organization is the Academy?

WCA is a 501c3 which offers academic courses for students who are registered with the state of Pennsylvania as homeschool students.


Does Watermark Classical Academy fulfill state requirements?

Once a student is registered with the state of Pennsylvania as homeschooled, the program supervisor (parent) may educate their child as they see fit. WCA’s courses meet or exceed Pennsylvania state standards concerning content and pedagogy.


Will the Academy offer extracurricular activities?
The Academy will offer occasional after-school programs, but the focus of the half-day structure will be on instruction. The Academy has community partnerships with Fern Hollow Nature Center, Sewickley Public Library, and various after school classes throughout the year (see the Community Partnerships page).


How is this different than other homeschool co-ops?

Most homeschool co-ops are taught and led by parents. Watermark Classical Academy is taught and led by professional educators. Another difference is class time: most homeschool co-ops meet once per week; WCA classes meet four mornings per week.


What are the state requirements for my child’s school year? Will the Academy file this paperwork?

As part of this hybrid education model, parents will be responsible for enrolling their child with the local school district as homeschooled. The Academy will provide the guidance and resources to assist parents throughout every step of this process.


Does Watermark Classical Academy teach a foreign language?

Yes, SSCA offers Latin beginning in second grade. The study of classical languages fosters patterns of learning that aid immensely in all areas of life. In classical education, we call these the "tools of learning,” which include memorizing data, correlating facts, and applying what we learn. These patterns, formed early and developed consistently, benefit any task a student will face in life.