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First graders continue to develop fluency and a love of reading through phonics based, small group literacy stations.  Whole group reading instruction focuses on developing reading comprehension skills.  Students also begin spelling and the writing of simple sentences.  Math lessons introduce and reinforce foundational skills ranging from addition and subtraction to skip counting, telling time, measuring, and calendar work.  Students explore the natural world and study the community around them in engaging, age-appropriate lessons.

Grade Level Competencies

Competencies are the qualities of a student which must be present in order for a student to be accepted into a particular grade level.  Competencies at any grade level are of two types:  academic and behavioral.  Academic competencies are the student’s ability to learn, retain, understand, and articulate the material being taught.  This includes:  reading level, abilities in Math, and writing ability.  Behavior competencies are the student’s ability to exhibit age-appropriate virtue, obey adults, have a maturing work ethic, and contribute positively to the classroom and WCA’s culture.


First Grade Level Competencies

  • Healthy pencil grip

  • Able to follow directions in a group

  • Able to take correction without melting down

  • Bathroom independence

  • Respectful manners

  • Able to focus and remain still for 10-15 minutes at a time

  • Physical self-control

  • Can count to 50

  • Can identify shapes and coins



  • Reading: Phonics Museum (Veritas Press)

  • Grammar: Shurley English Level 1

  • Math: Saxon 2

  • Science: Usborne Complete First Book of Nature

  • Geography: 1. States & Capitols Songs 2. Legends & Leagues Storybook

  • History: Bede's History of the US