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Most students will become fluent, effective readers in second grade as they enjoy in depth study of comprehension skills through whole group read aloud and small group books clubs.  Students experience writing stories and paragraphs about a variety of topics.  We dive into more complex math concepts including multiplication, estimation, and graphing.  Students are introduced to cursive and Latin, and delight in a year of introductory biology in Science.  We also kick-off a five-year History curriculum with a study of Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament.

Grade Level Competencies

Competencies are the qualities of a student which must be present in order for a student to be accepted into a particular grade level.  Competencies at any grade level are of two types:  academic and behavioral.  Academic competencies are the student’s ability to learn, retain, understand, and articulate the material being taught.  This includes:  reading level, abilities in Math, and writing ability.  Behavior competencies are the student’s ability to exhibit age-appropriate virtue, obey adults, have a maturing work ethic, and contribute positively to the classroom and WCA’s culture.


Second Grade Level Competencies

  • (1st grade competencies)

  • Able to focus and remain still for 30 minutes at a time

  • Can count to 100

  • Properly formed print handwriting

  • Able to use scissors properly

  • Able to read

  • Able to compose simple sentences

  • Able to follow increasingly complex directions (multi-step)



  • Reading: Literature and Comprehension Guides

  • Language Arts: Shurley English

  • Writing: Classically Cursive, 

  • Math: Saxon

  • Science: Rod & Staff Patterns of Nature

  • Geography: 1. Geography Songs 2. Legends & Leagues Storybook

  • History: Old Testament & Ancient Egypt

  • Latin: Latin for Children