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Our older elementary students continue to read beautiful, carefully selected literature in books clubs while learning higher level comprehension skills.  We encourage discussion and questioning as students engage with characters, events, and themes. Students begin their work with curriculum from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) in third grade. Our focus on grammar increases as students become more effective communicators both verbally and in writing. Math instruction continues to spiral and build upon prior knowledge, ensuring students can efficiently and accurately complete multi-step problems. History and Bible curriculum continues with one year of study of Ancient Greece and The New Testament, The Middle Ages, Explorers to 1815, and 1815 to Present.  Science provides students with hands-on experiences and exposure to material in physics, chemistry, and biology.  

Grade Level Competencies

Competencies are the qualities of a student which must be present in order for a student to be accepted into a particular grade level.  Competencies at any grade level are of two types:  academic and behavioral.  Academic competencies are the student’s ability to learn, retain, understand, and articulate the material being taught.  This includes:  reading level, abilities in Math, and writing ability.  Behavior competencies are the student’s ability to exhibit age-appropriate virtue, obey adults, have a maturing work ethic, and contribute positively to the classroom and WCA’s culture.


3rd - 5th Grade Level Competencies

  • (1st and 2nd grade competencies)

  • Neat print handwriting

  • Cursive handwriting appropriate to grade level

  • Able to read for information at level appropriate to grade

  • Master of addition and subtraction facts 

  • Mastery or near-mastery of multiplication and division facts (4th & 5th)

  • Able to follow detailed directions

  • Able to write down assignments and turn in homework

  • Good and consistent physical and verbal self-control in a group

  • Respectful manners



  • Reading: Literature and Comprehension Guides

  • Language Arts: Shurley English

  • Writing: Classically Cursive

  • Math: Saxon

  • Science: Various

  • Geography: 1. Geography Songs 2. Legends & Leagues Storybook

  • History: New Testament & Greece and Rome (3rd grade), Middle Ages - Renaissance & Reformation (4th/5th grade)

  • Latin: Latin for Children