Welcome, and thank you for visiting Watermark Classical Academy’s website. As a teacher, director, and mom, I feel so connected to the families the Academy serves. With the support and input of the leadership team, I am excited to share my vision for WCA with regard to 3 important questions:
















What kind of community do we want to build for our families?


I would like for WCA to become a network of families who pray together, serve together, and parent together. Many of you have joined us in praying for WCA, and already there have been many signs of God's favor. Similarly, we have an opportunity to come alongside one another and our children to serve - as volunteers in the classroom, as caretakers of school property, as gardeners working to beautify the community, as musicians playing for the elderly, as cooks making meals for the needy, and so on. Lastly, I hope to build a space for us to talk about the job of parenting. WCA is planning to hold several meetings throughout the year which focus on various aspects of parenting - from technology, to spiritual formation, to loving discipline, I hope we can meaningfully engage in prayer and conversation about these important parenting tasks.  



How can we, the WCA family, connect with and serve the larger community?


My desire is to provide opportunity for students to practice sharing the love and joy of the Lord with others. This is one of the reasons I believe so strongly in the University Model; it allows students and families time to intentionally engage with and serve the larger community. WCA will be doing this through our after school programs and nights of family service with local ministries.


I could not be more honored to lead us as we work to fulfill the vision of WCA: to be a gospel-centered community driven by learning and excellence for the glory of God. 



Anna Conley

Director & Teacher

Watermark Classical Academy

What kind of learning experience do we desire for our students? 


My goal is that WCA would have classrooms marked by excellence and joy. I desire for our students to experience wonder and awe as they encounter the beauty of God's creation in new material. I also desire for them to grow in perseverance and fortitude as they are challenged and stretched by new concepts and ideas. While students work diligently at mastering math facts, geography lessons, and various other disciplines, we can simultaneously teach them to delight in the Lord who loves and cares for each of them!