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An Integrated Christian Worldview

     At Watermark Classical Academy, we do not want our students' faith to be compartmentalized into only certain facets of their lives or seen as another academic subject for acquiring mere head knowledge.

     Part of the beauty of classical, Christian education is that it considers the whole child, both heart and mind. Our classrooms teach all subjects with a biblical worldview.  Our Bible teaching and daily talk related to God’s great love is not limited to monthly chapel or a Bible lesson – rather, it’s a thread woven into all we do.

4th Grade Praying

It is our goal to have parents, churches, and classrooms all leaning in the same direction as the affections of a child’s heart and mind are developing.  To have the same truths being shared and reflected to students across each of these important domains is a wonderful thing. Read our statement of faith here.

Christian education is a form of discipleship – passing on Christ-like thinking and living – that therefore serves not only students but also the Church and greater community.

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