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University Model


     The University Model is a hybrid model that brings children together for traditional classroom instruction and involves the child’s family in completing the administrative items (e.g., enrollment) and extracurricular activities. This allows families ample time to be together and for parents to be involved in their child’s education, while still providing the benefits of formal classroom instruction with qualified teachers.


     While the student will attend classes and receive academic instruction from a qualified teacher, one of the benefits of the University Model is its ability to preserve the role of a parent in the education of their child. Parents are welcomed into the classroom and their support in fostering a love of learning is paramount.


     The parent and teacher work together to encourage the spiritual and academic growth of students. The parent and teacher will also work together to ensure compliance with all PA educational laws. This model empowers parents to seek out the extracurricular activities that are most suitable for their child. Click here to see a Venn Diagram that displays expected Watermark and parent responsibilities and those that they will share throughout the school year. 

     Because of the University Model and smaller class size, less time is needed for transitions, so each day is more academically dense. This keeps students focused, committed to academic excellence, and better prepared for later education. Families have more flexibility with their time outside of school for homework, extracurricular activites, and family time.

3rd Grade Classroom
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