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  • Where is the school located?
    Our main campus is at 801 Beaver Street, Sewickley, PA.
  • What does a typical day look like?
    Students arrive between 8:15-8:30am. Class begins at 8:15am with morning routines and prayer. Students will spend time each day studying math and language arts; other academic subjects, such as history or science, are taught on alternating days. Students will also have a break in the day for snack. The school day ends at 12:45pm.
  • What kind of organization is Watermark Classical Academy?
    WCA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit which offers academic courses for students who are registered with the state of Pennsylvania as homeschool students. We are not a school, and we are not a complete substitute for homeschooling; rather, we partner with parents to provide an education for their children.
  • ​What grades does Watermark Classical Academy offer?
    WCA currently offers classes for Kindergarteners through 8th grade. We will work with and support parents as they consider different options for high school.
  • When does the school year begin and end?
    Our school year typically begins the day after Labor Day and ends the Thursday following Memorial Day. Students have a two-week Christmas Break and a week-long Easter & Spring Break.
  • Does Watermark Classical Academy teach a foreign language?
    Yes, WCA teaches Latin beginning in second grade. The study of classical languages fosters patterns of learning that aid immensely in all areas of life. In classical education, we call these the "tools of learning,” which include memorizing data, correlating facts, and applying what we learn. These patterns, formed early and developed consistently, benefit any task a student will face in life. This video summarizes why we value teaching Latin.
  • Who chooses the curriculum?
    All course curricula are ultimately decided by the administration and teachers of WCA. Much of the curriculum will come from Veritas Press, a reputable provider of classical Christian curriculum. Find out more on our curriculum page.
  • Why will my student be required to wear a uniform?
    We believe that uniforms help students with their studies, as their clothes provide cues that learning is to be held in high regard. Research has shown wearing a uniform decreases discipline issues and bullying, but uniforms increase safety, ease of going to school, and student confidence. We have a partnership with Lands’ End to make uniform purchase convenient, but they may also be purchased at the store of your choice according to the guidelines provided in the application.
  • How is technology used in the classroom?
    Technology is seen as one of many tools, and it is used infrequently in the class. The most common use is teachers using projectors to show images or videos. Computers or tablets are used rarely by students at the grammar level. In the logic school, students are expected to type final papers.
  • How are students evaluated?
    Parents are given progress reports three times a year, and the students’ progress is also discussed during parent-teacher conferences held in the fall and in the spring. These evaluations also consider a student's progression in virtue as well as their academic growth. Students are also given small quizzes and tests throughout the year, and teachers will communicate with parents if there are any major concerns. To meet Pennsylvania homeschool requirements, 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade students will take standardized tests in the spring.
  • How much homework is given to students?
    Kindergarten and first grade homework focuses on daily reading aloud with occasional math homework or sight word identification work. Homework should not take longer than 20 minutes. In 2nd grade, there begins to be consistent math homework, so families should expect 30 minutes daily. In 3rd grade, 40 minutes daily is typical, as homework will include other subjects. 4th graders should expect 40-50 minutes. At the logic school, students should expect 80 minutes on average of homework, depending on the day and the subject. Because of the University Model, much of that homework can be done in the early afternoon, allowing students to still have their late afternoon and evenings free for other activities and time with their family.
  • How is WCA different than other homeschool co-ops?
    Most homeschool co-ops are taught and led by parents. Watermark Classical Academy is taught and led by professional educators. Another difference is class time: most homeschool co-ops meet once per week; WCA classes meet four days per week.
  • What are the state requirements for my child’s school year? Will the Academy file this paperwork?
    As part of this hybrid education model, parents will be responsible for enrolling their child with the local school district as homeschooled. The Academy will provide the guidance and resources to assist parents throughout every step of this process. WCA also develops the portfolio of the student and coordinates its review with a PA Homeschool Evaluator.
  • Does Watermark Classical Academy fulfill state requirements?
    Once a student is registered with the state of Pennsylvania as homeschooled, the program supervisor (parent) may educate their child as they see fit. WCA’s courses meet or exceed Pennsylvania state standards concerning content and pedagogy.
  • What is required of parents throughout the year? How much teaching will I have to do?
    While parents are still considered the primary educators, all core subjects will be taught by the teachers at WCA. Parents are not expected to know or teach any subject but instead offer guidance and wisdom on homework and other projects. Parents may choose to supplement the education with additional opportunities/resources that correspond to a child’s particular interest. For homeschool requirements, parents will have to provide documentation of 40 home education days and a student’s participation in music and physical education.
  • How do students transition from other schools?
    We have many students coming from public or other private schools. Because of our small class size and Christian community, students adjust quickly socially. Students may have a slight challenge in pick up on subjects not covered in their previous schools, such as Latin, but our teachers work with the students and parents to ensure a thorough and rapid academic assimilation.
  • Must a family agree to the statement of faith for a child to attend?
    A classical Christian education is most effective when both parents agree to, support, and live out the Academy’s mission, vision, and values. As a school that seeks to train its students in the Christian faith, WCA is committed to ministering to Christian families so as to affirm and teach the biblical worldview. This faith and worldview should first be instilled at home and in church. We are glad to have conversations with families who have questions about the statement of faith. Our statement of faith can be found on our Faith & Academics webpage.
  • What will this cost us?
    WCA offers an excellent education for less than half the cost of most private schools. There is a $400 non-refundable application fee and the tuition rate for 2024-2025 is $4,700. Because our tuition is much lower than many private schools, we do not offer discounts for siblings or parents in ministry. We do have a needs-based scholarship application available, as our hope is to make classical Christian education accessible for all who are interested.
  • Why is there a family interview?
    We evaluate incoming students to assess their preparedness for the appropriate grade level. This academic evaluation is led by an administrator and/or teacher. During this time, another administrator will meet with the parents to answer any questions and to make sure WCA is a good fit for the family’s needs. Because WCA is a home education program, we want to ensure that all families are ready and able to partner with us in the education of their students.
  • Does WCA offer any extracurricular activities?
    We offer a few extracurricular activities for the whole school, as well as smaller, topical courses for different grade levels. These mini-classes are coordinated by Parents of Watermark, which also provides opportunities for field trips, community service, and social activities.
  • How are events communicated to our family?
    Parents are regularly emailed our monthly WCA newsletter, as well as communication from teachers and Parents of Watermark. We also provide access to a Google Classroom for the WCA community, and parents run a Facebook group to post upcoming events and learning opportunities.
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