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Leadership & Staff


      Watermark Classical Academy has been founded by a network of church leaders, educators, and parents committed to helping kids grow in a life of wisdom and joyful learning. Our teachers are committed to faithfully teaching our students, and our administrative leadership and Board of Directors are committed carrying out our vision and mission: providing an excellent classical education which equips students to walk in the wisdom of God and joyfully pursue a life of learning.



Mrs. Anna Conley

Instructional Head of School, Logic School Teacher

Mrs. Conley works with the teachers and board to provide the best classical Christian education, as well as teaches language arts and logic. She holds undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education and Rhetorical Studies and a Masters in Administration and Supervision. She formerly worked as a fourth-grade teacher in Richmond, Virginia. Anna and her husband, Brendan, live in Sewickley with their three children.


Mr. Caleb Vits

Administrative Head of School, Logic School Teacher

Caleb graduated from Grove City College with a degree in Business and Communication Studies and a graduate certificate in Christian Leadership from Trinity School for Ministry. He spent five years teaching in children's ministry and five years in higher education. Caleb lives in Moon Township with his daughter and wife Michelle, who directs the Children's Ministries at St. Stephen's Church.


Miss Hannah Knox

Student Life Specialist, Logic School Teacher

Hannah graduated from Grove City College with a degree in Elementary and Special Education. She is also certified as a PA English as a second language specialist. After graduating from college Hannah traveled to Niger, West Africa where she taught at Sahel Academy for three years. Hannah is currently pursuing her Master's in Education and enjoys the outdoors every chance she can. 



Miss Precious Grieco

Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Rachel Sadd

Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Kathy Boehmig

1st Grade Teacher


Mrs. Jaime Zolkiewicz

1st Grade Teacher


Mrs. Mary Morris

2nd Grade Teacher


Mrs. Ariana Rebich

2nd Grade Teacher


Mrs. Kelly Littler

3rd Grade Teacher


Mrs. Andrea Bigley

4th Grade Teacher

Additional Teachers & Support Staff

Image by Brazil Topno

Ms. Kerry Monahan
Latin Teacher

Image by Brazil Topno

Mrs. Autumn Ghubril
Art Teacher

Image by Brazil Topno

Mrs. Mary Knox
Art Teacher

Image by Brazil Topno

Mrs. Ashley Raymond

Reading Specialist

Image by Brazil Topno

Mrs. Kristie Cottage


Board of Directors 

Mr. Justin Bryan, President

Mr. Brendan Conley, Treasurer

Dr. Brittany Kinol


Mr. Adam Lucas

Rev. Steve Palmer

Mrs. Ashley Roethlisberger

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